Future of Real Estate

Summer Real Estate Update

The Phases of the Real Estate Market

Well there's been a lot of press out there as we near the end of a traditional real estate "cycle"- basically a 10-12 period of growth or recession.   What our market has in store for us has seen intense debate on both sides.  While this article from the Denver Channel projects a pull back in our market, we're less bearish about our future.  There's no question that real estate prices have moved on an unparalleled trajectory over the last 8 years, but then again, Denver has a lot to offer, especially to millenials moving for jobs and quality of life, and their parents- moving closer to the kids.  This link is an interesting read on how markets can be quantified- and how to handle every stage of the market productively.  After reading it, tell us- which phase do you think we are in?

Everything you know about Denver's Real Estate market is Wrong

5280 Magazine has written another fab article about how our market is functioning across many urban neighborhoods and every price range- buyer, seller or just interested in real estate, this article is a worthy read!

The Denver Real Estate Market: Monthly Stats


Who's Buying and Who's Selling?

This great chart explains both the larger trends of who is buying and selling real estate- an important perspective when getting your home ready for the market-- should you be catering to a Millenial or a Gen X'er?  Making a home appeal to your most likely buyer can be an important consideration to get your highest return.

National Real Estate Trends - and Where we're Headed Next

We're constantly evaluating our own market - and how we stack up against other major cities.  This report here from Schwab has evaluated a LOT of different metrics to anticipate where we're all headed next.

Kentwood Real Estate in the News

Kentwood's participation in the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World network has been a terrific asset to increase our market across the planet and provide resources for our clients relocating to over 60 countries.  March of this year was their annual awards gala, where Kentwood picked up awards in the following categories:

                . Award of Excellence for Outgoing Sales Production

                . Pinnacle Award for Most Outgoing Broker-to-Broker Referral Closings

                . Luxury Portfolio’s Best Newcomer Award

                . Most Innovative Office Design Award

                . Member Marketing Award for Consumer Materials

                . Member Marketing Contest for Luxury Portfolio Marketing