Fall Real Estate Update

Something for Everyone

We're introducing several incredible new listings all over the city and at multiple price points.  Come take a look at these homes in case you see the right one for you or get an idea of what it takes to be show ready in the Denver market.

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The Denver Real Estate Market

Summer was hot!  Denver remained a leading market in the nation, with our metro area averaging between 18-20 days on market.  The average sold price in the metro area has also risen since last year, by over 8% - the city of Denver did even better.  We're starting to see the market cool a bit as we move towards fall, a typical seasonality we expect as kids head back to school.


FALL: The Perfect Time for Spring Cleaning

With cool air in the mornings, and a touch of yellow on the leaves, Fall is about to bloom in Colorado.  Although the temptations exists to spend every minute outdoors, Fall is actually a perfect time for some Spring Cleaning!

For Buyers, box away endless clothes in closets, garage equipment seldom used and kitchen appliances that lie dormant on needed shelves... now is the time to organize and box and label all of your "extras."  If you are planning on buying in the upcoming months, you are pre-jumping the inevitable by getting rid of things not used, donating to charities, and simply decluttering.  You never know when "that perfect home" will appear.  You will be glad you began packing and are organized once you are Under Contract and your head is spinning with dates and deadlines in this fast moving market.

For Sellers, get your home ready for the market now.  Whether you choose to list in a month or a year, ensure you are ready!  Have your HVAC tune up and service your furnace and ac.  Wash your windows...you have been putting it off all season and now is the time to freshen your home.  Take advantage of the seasonal change by decluttering closets...while getting out your Fall wardrobe, pack away your Summer gear.  The garage is the most neglected of all spaces, tidy it now, throw away all those "we'll use it someday" items and organize what you do use.  Have the roof checked to ensure it is ready for winter.  Winterize sprinklers.  Hose off the exterior of your home and ensure patios, walkways and decks are repaired and clean. Address any neglected repairs including caulking in bathrooms and kitchens, fixing broken appliances,  and completing deferred maintenance.  

Spring Cleaning in Fall eliminates stress...so take advantage of our seasonal change by making it work for you! 

Want to see a survey or ILC of your house?

Curious about your land and want to know if you can get a better sense of your boundaries?  Check out  https://www.copls.com/ to see if you can retrieve an old survey from their archives.  Word of Caution: always consider ordering a new ILC or survey when purchasing property as things change over the years in Denver.  Also, take the time to learn the difference between an ILC (Improvement Location Certificate) and a survey- more on that in future updates!

Denver is "Making the Suburbs Cool Again"

Check out this great article on Denver's urban renewal and where buyers are heading -- we agree!  Making the Suburbs Cool Again