Fall Real Estate Update

Exciting New Listing In Cherry Creek North

One of a Kind Oasis Featuring a Highly Desirable Main Floor Master

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Denver Real Estate Monthly Breakdown

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The Disruptors: Ever Changing Real Estate Forces- The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

A current topic across multiple industries is the effect of "disruptors", i.e. emerging companies that are challenging traditional market practices. There are disruptors in every industry, but they are particularly impacting the world of real estate. Each real estate disruptor offers something slightly different: some are flat fee- based, some are discount brokerage-based, some are exclusively internet-based, and some are time-based, promising to "sell your home in one day." While we always appreciate challenges that keep us on our toes, these new players in the field are often lacking critically important skills that cannot ever replace an experienced agent’s value.

Consumers are barraged with new options today. Real property is often a consumer’s most significant financial asset. Sellers need to know that they are receiving top dollar for their investment. They also need the confidence that their agent has the knowledge necessary to navigate through the potential pitfalls of a transaction in order to bring the deal to a successful close. In turn, buyers want the assurance that they have paid a fair price for their real estate purchase and that they have a sellable product for the future.

Many of these disruptors suggest they are providing a ‘streamlined’ approach to the process. Some are exclusively on-line. Some promise "no showings." Others offer a "one stop shopping" benefit bundling the sale/purchase of the home with in-house lenders and title companies. However, these companies cannot offer the level of expertise and time that buyers and sellers need in order to truly maximize their investment. There is a big difference between a streamlined approach and taking shortcuts that will undercut returns for a consumer. For example, a seasoned negotiator can save the client several thousand dollars at the time of negotiation or through the inspection process. Providing relevant and comprehensive market knowledge to appraisers can "save' a transaction that might otherwise fall apart. A realtor's expertise in reviewing and assessing multiple offers is another critical element of a Broker's value. Vetting offers in speaking to other brokers, lenders, and assessing how specific elements of a home, like the floor plan, can impact value in a way that cannot be supplanted by an algorithm or a machine. Real estate brokers are advisors as well as "transactors." They can provide guidance including steering a Buyer away from an inferior home, or counseling a Seller on the most advantageous timing to sell their property.

In short, you pay for what you get. Why would you ever want to jeopardize your most important asset? We’re here to stay and will always be there for our clients.

Mid Year Market Review- How is your Home Value Faring?

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$1 Billion —> $100,000? This headline caught our eye….

Talk about a loss! Check out this crazy story of investment gone wrong just outside Los Angeles: LA Times: The Mountain

Summer Real Estate Update

Denver Real Estate- Monthly Breakdown


Looking for Something to Convince a Friend to Move Here? Send them this video!

How Many Houses for Sale and How Long Do they Last?

The Denver Metro Association of Realtors, of which the Coakley Sacerdoti Team is a member, has taken a detailed look at how our market has been recently performing, these data points are telling of our market, how hot it has been and points to when may the best time to list or sell- email us for what this could mean for your home.

Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 10.27.46 AM.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 10.27.33 AM.jpg

Do you Live in one of Denver’s Best Neighborhoods According to 5280 Magazine?

We’ve long suggested to our buyers to seek out neighborhoods that haven’t yet reached their full potential. We are proud to see many of the neighborhoods we’ve suggested to our clients have made this list - with jumps in purchase price factoring in to their data points, we’re thrilled to see how many of our buyers have quick and significant equity in their purchases! Click Here to Read More About it!

Spring Real Estate Update

Denver Real Estate - The Monthly Breakdown

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2019’s New Paint Color!


Paint Color of the Year

If you’ve worked with us on a home sale, we’ve probably asked you to paint. So, to usher in 2019, our new suggested paint color of choice is moving from our much loved Revere Pewter to…. Metropolitan AF-690. Works well with modern, traditional and transitional homes, this color photographs beautifully and will assuredly help your home sell fast!

Re-Casting your Loan


Buying and Selling this year? Consider this….

We  want to let you know about a terrific lending option that may be THE reason your move will make financial sense this year.  It  is called "recasting" and only select lenders will be able to able to provide this option.   Let’s say you want to purchase a home, but want the money from your current homes sale to put towards your new loan. Making the time work between a purchase and a sale can be tricky, so this is where recasting comes in….

For example, you purchase your next home without selling your existing house. Then, a few weeks or months in, your old house sells and you have some substantial equity you’d like to put against your new mortgage. After making at least 2 mortgage payments and after 90 days have passed, exclusive large investors will allow the borrower to recast or re-amortize their payments based on their new post payment  balance.  By recasting, the borrower is able to lower their payments for the remaining term of the loan and transfer your equity from one house to the next. 

The most common scenario wherein this option may be applicable is for buyers who sell their first residence only after purchasing their new home.  In addition, it may also apply to physicians, attorneys , or other professionals  who receive  substantial bonuses on an annual basis and wish to pay down the principal balance on their loan.  Let us know if you'd like to get more details.

Check out our new Look!

Coakley Sacerdoti Real Estate Sign

new year, new look

Check out Kentwood’s New Look with our Brand New For Sale Signs, Coming soon to your neighborhood~

Our Message about Water Waste

We hate it when we’re out showing homes and we see some individual or business watering in the middle of the summer heat. It’s just plain irresponsible, but yet most people don’t even realize they are doing it. Well, we’ve got a solution. Call Denver Water to report the misuse and they will politely follow up with the owner to help them adjust the times they water!

Step 1. Call Denver Water @ 303.893.2444 and save # to Phone!

Step 2. Select Option 4 to Report Misuse

Step 3. Provide the Address / Location

Winter Real Estate Update

The Second Half of 2018

Here’s a look at how various metropolitan areas preformed in the second half of 2018. How has your investment been doing? Let us know, if you’d like a personalized report for your home.

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Denver Real Estate: The Monthly Breakdown


The Government Shutdown Impact on Real Estate

How can the government shutdown affect your real estate transaction?

Well, it affects most loans and here is how:

Any lender will pull your IRS transcript as well as your social security number. Tax return verifications are still being processed by the federal government during the shutdown, but there is now a large backlog which has delayed the underwriting process. This means you may extend contract deadlines to ensure the loan is 100% ready to close! For government backed loans, such as FHA and VA loans, they are still being processed, but will also likely face delays while the shutdown continues. Reach out to your lender if you are under contract to confirm your timing is still on track!

Fall Real Estate Update

Something for Everyone

We're introducing several incredible new listings all over the city and at multiple price points.  Come take a look at these homes in case you see the right one for you or get an idea of what it takes to be show ready in the Denver market.

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The Denver Real Estate Market

Summer was hot!  Denver remained a leading market in the nation, with our metro area averaging between 18-20 days on market.  The average sold price in the metro area has also risen since last year, by over 8% - the city of Denver did even better.  We're starting to see the market cool a bit as we move towards fall, a typical seasonality we expect as kids head back to school.


FALL: The Perfect Time for Spring Cleaning

With cool air in the mornings, and a touch of yellow on the leaves, Fall is about to bloom in Colorado.  Although the temptations exists to spend every minute outdoors, Fall is actually a perfect time for some Spring Cleaning!

For Buyers, box away endless clothes in closets, garage equipment seldom used and kitchen appliances that lie dormant on needed shelves... now is the time to organize and box and label all of your "extras."  If you are planning on buying in the upcoming months, you are pre-jumping the inevitable by getting rid of things not used, donating to charities, and simply decluttering.  You never know when "that perfect home" will appear.  You will be glad you began packing and are organized once you are Under Contract and your head is spinning with dates and deadlines in this fast moving market.

For Sellers, get your home ready for the market now.  Whether you choose to list in a month or a year, ensure you are ready!  Have your HVAC tune up and service your furnace and ac.  Wash your windows...you have been putting it off all season and now is the time to freshen your home.  Take advantage of the seasonal change by decluttering closets...while getting out your Fall wardrobe, pack away your Summer gear.  The garage is the most neglected of all spaces, tidy it now, throw away all those "we'll use it someday" items and organize what you do use.  Have the roof checked to ensure it is ready for winter.  Winterize sprinklers.  Hose off the exterior of your home and ensure patios, walkways and decks are repaired and clean. Address any neglected repairs including caulking in bathrooms and kitchens, fixing broken appliances,  and completing deferred maintenance.  

Spring Cleaning in Fall eliminates stress...so take advantage of our seasonal change by making it work for you! 

Want to see a survey or ILC of your house?

Curious about your land and want to know if you can get a better sense of your boundaries?  Check out  https://www.copls.com/ to see if you can retrieve an old survey from their archives.  Word of Caution: always consider ordering a new ILC or survey when purchasing property as things change over the years in Denver.  Also, take the time to learn the difference between an ILC (Improvement Location Certificate) and a survey- more on that in future updates!

Denver is "Making the Suburbs Cool Again"

Check out this great article on Denver's urban renewal and where buyers are heading -- we agree!  Making the Suburbs Cool Again

Summer Real Estate Update

What's happening this summer in real estate?

Well, its still pretty crazy out there!  Here are the broad strokes:  Inventory is up slightly this summer - the number of new listings this May versus the May '17 is up 7%.  This is very much needed in our market as our average days on the market is a short 27 days.  The average sold price of single family homes in Denver is up 11% year over year, just under 488k.  For sellers, we're still spending a lot of time, and often money, to ensure homes are perfect in order to get higher prices and bidding wars.  For buyers, we're working to get you into homes as soon as they hit the market and write competitive, smart offers that get accepted. 

Here are your Monthly Market Trends: Denver Metro Area



The Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act of 1980 may not be on the forefront of your mind, but it should be!  If you are selling your home and are a foreigner, you may be subject to federal and state withholding that can be a lot of money.  If you are a buyer, the way this provision works is that you are responsible for confirming the seller's proceeds have been subjected to additional tax withholding.  Title companies do a lot to ensure this is met, but the Colorado Real Estate Commission will be changing our contracts next year to add some additional protection for everyone.  Want to know if you may fall into this bracket?  Call your tax professional before you sell your house and be sure to tell us before your home hits the market!

Buying Outside of Denver?  We can help with that!



  • FREE Paint Recycling Event - Paint Drop-Off Event for Households and Businesses on Saturday, June 23, 2018 from 8 AM to 3 PM at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. For event details and to select your expected arrival time, visit paintcare.org/commercecity. This event is open to all Colorado residents.



Spring Real Estate Update


The 2017 Real Estate Market in Review

We've assembled a breakdown of how our market performed month to month over the course of 2017. 

The market remained tight due to historically low inventory.  This chart demonstrates the seasonality of Real Estate - with more homes coming to market over the course of Spring, and the declining towards the end of Summer.

The market remained tight due to historically low inventory.  This chart demonstrates the seasonality of Real Estate - with more homes coming to market over the course of Spring, and the declining towards the end of Summer.

When we start seeing the sold and active listings touching each other- you can bet it's been a hot market and that we literally cannot sell homes fast enough to make up for the need.  Note what a radically different market it was back in 2010!

When we start seeing the sold and active listings touching each other- you can bet it's been a hot market and that we literally cannot sell homes fast enough to make up for the need.  Note what a radically different market it was back in 2010!

This chart shows you how average sales prices change over the course of a year- over $64,000 in difference for high/low data for single family homes!

This chart shows you how average sales prices change over the course of a year- over $64,000 in difference for high/low data for single family homes!

Made for TV?

In case you've always wanted to be the next HGTV star, opportunity is knocking!  Call us for details....

High Noon Casting.jpg

How Does your Neighborhood Compare?

We don't send out a lot of print pieces, but we do this one bi-annually to keep our clients informed about how their investment is faring.  Email CoakleySacerdoti@Kentwood.com to be included in our next report in July!

Year End Neighborhood.jpg

Monthly Denver Data

In case we had't sent you enough data yet....


The Tax Bill and it's Ramifications on YOUR Home

There was a lot of back and forth over the final iterations of the major tax reform bill and we are happy to report that the National Association of Realtors, a lobbyist group that works on behalf of realtors, successfully retained some of the home ownership incentives that previous drafts of the bill had removed.  The drafts would have dramatically reduced the benefits of home ownership less than 5 years which constitute a large percentage of our transactions and we are thrilled to have won this important feature back!  Please read the article below to learn more- I know you see that request all the time - but this really is a huge deal for anyone owning a home now or in the future:

Tax Reform Bill on Housing Weblink

Winter Real Estate Update

Happy Holidays!

Dear Friends,
As we approach the Holidays, we are filled with gratitude and appreciation. We thank each of you for the opportunity to work with you to help you reach your real estate goals. It is an honor and a delight to have a positive impact on your lives! Your home is a precious place, to you and to us and we are so very fortunate to team with you to find your perfect home.... now and in the future. We wish you and your families and friends a wonderful Holiday Season and look forward to our continued success together in the New Year.

Warmest Regards,
Pam and Elizabeth

The Denver Market Trends

October Denver Metro Stats.jpg
September Denver Metro Stats.jpg
August City Of Denver Stats.jpg

Fall Real Estate Update

PAINT! Your best (and cheapest) friend

It's a pain, you have to move your furniture, and hire someone to remove your favorite colors all for the sake of your wonderful real estate broker's request.  Is it worth it?  Well, if you've ever watched a single episode of anything that's ever aired on HGTV, the answer is of course, YES.  Attracting the largest possible audience to your home is critical, and as 95%+ buyers begin by an online search, making sure you have the best looking property can be the difference of thousands of dollars of unrealized equity.  Still on the fence?  See a few before and afters and let us know what you think....

Fillmore Before-After Marketing Kitchen.jpg
Fillmore Before-After Marketing Formal Living.jpg

Second Quarter Denver Metro Statistics

And here's the breakdown of how the Second Quarter Broke Down across the Metro Area....

June Denver Metro Stats.jpg
July Denver Metro Stats (1).jpg
August Denver Metro Stats.jpg

Good Things Come to Those who Wait?

In this robust real estate market, have you considered purchasing new construction?  Throughout the metro area and beyond, builders are taking advantage of Denver's growth spurt by providing every type of new home imaginable.  Whether it be a new condo in Rino, a modern townhouse in one of Denver's established neighborhoods, a patio home , or purchasing  a build to suit  single family home with all the bells and whistles, you as a Buyer have a golden opportunity to get what you want in a new construction home. You can choose your own finishes and upgrades,  pick your personalized layout, choose your own lot and find the ideal location .  There are tremendous advantages to creating your own space,  rather than settling on a home where you need to "undo" someone else's taste.

 However, there are some cautions to consider if you choose new construction.  Firstly, a "Builder's Contract" is focused on protecting the Builder rather than the Buyer.  Many  protective contingencies found in a standard Contract to Buy and Sell are not included in a Builder's Contract.  Secondly, your  Earnest Money funds "go hard" in as little as 30 days so you must do all due diligence and decision-making to move forward  within that time period.  Thirdly, there is the elongated building  time frame to consider.  If you are renting, you need to factor in several months of rent into the completion of the home.  If you are selling your existing home, you need to gauge when to go on the market.  Most construction takes longer than planned and usually requires at least 9-12 months from start to finish.

Now is certainly a great time to consider building your dream, as long as you do it with careful consideration!

The Neighborhood Breakdown

How did yours compare to others?  We send this out bi annually, so if you'd like to start receiving this data delivered to your door, email us!

Mid Year Market Review.jpg

Summer Real Estate Update

The Phases of the Real Estate Market

Well there's been a lot of press out there as we near the end of a traditional real estate "cycle"- basically a 10-12 period of growth or recession.   What our market has in store for us has seen intense debate on both sides.  While this article from the Denver Channel projects a pull back in our market, we're less bearish about our future.  There's no question that real estate prices have moved on an unparalleled trajectory over the last 8 years, but then again, Denver has a lot to offer, especially to millenials moving for jobs and quality of life, and their parents- moving closer to the kids.  This link is an interesting read on how markets can be quantified- and how to handle every stage of the market productively.  After reading it, tell us- which phase do you think we are in?

Everything you know about Denver's Real Estate market is Wrong

5280 Magazine has written another fab article about how our market is functioning across many urban neighborhoods and every price range- buyer, seller or just interested in real estate, this article is a worthy read!

The Denver Real Estate Market: Monthly Stats


Who's Buying and Who's Selling?

This great chart explains both the larger trends of who is buying and selling real estate- an important perspective when getting your home ready for the market-- should you be catering to a Millenial or a Gen X'er?  Making a home appeal to your most likely buyer can be an important consideration to get your highest return.

National Real Estate Trends - and Where we're Headed Next

We're constantly evaluating our own market - and how we stack up against other major cities.  This report here from Schwab has evaluated a LOT of different metrics to anticipate where we're all headed next.

Kentwood Real Estate in the News

Kentwood's participation in the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World network has been a terrific asset to increase our market across the planet and provide resources for our clients relocating to over 60 countries.  March of this year was their annual awards gala, where Kentwood picked up awards in the following categories:

                . Award of Excellence for Outgoing Sales Production

                . Pinnacle Award for Most Outgoing Broker-to-Broker Referral Closings

                . Luxury Portfolio’s Best Newcomer Award

                . Most Innovative Office Design Award

                . Member Marketing Award for Consumer Materials

                . Member Marketing Contest for Luxury Portfolio Marketing